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Premiere: Miss Jay – Equinox (ft. Ecstasya)

Prague’s UNIZONE netlabel show a deepening of their broad approach to music with Miss Jay’sNocturnal‘ EP, comprised of five originals, and three remixes from Teya Logos, Warrego Valles, and Van Boom.

The cassette- and digital-format label work by a full-throttle approach in their music and art, with prior releases by the likes of DJ Loser & Xiao Quan, T5UMUT5UMU and Ethno Service all aiding in setting their bar for heavy dance music, each release uncompromisingly unique and in a colourful and futuristic style which is nonetheless redolent of the recent upsurge of Bandcamp-based imprints.

Their latest compilation, ‘ANGER MANAGEMENT‘, quite appropriately tipped the scales towards the roughest and most industrial ends of the scale as part of its efforts to raise funds for an organisation aiding Polish people seeking in Czechia the abortions now illegal (or persecuted) in their home country, but Miss Jay’s ‘Nocturnal‘ goes some way to pulling it back towards a more cheerful end of the spectrum.

Equinox‘, featuring Stasya (now Ecstasya), stands out as the lead example of this from Jay’s originals, with arpeggiated melodies right out of a carchase scene’s trance backing track adding vibrant, neon colour. Still, the kicks and percussion cuts deep, iterative rounds of the slamming beat rolling relentlessly forwards. It’s no-holds-barred material, born out of the internet age and ruling the peer group with an iron fist.

‘Nocturnal’ is scheduled for release 30 June via Unizone. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Fantasy
2. Blood moon
3. Wish (Interlude)
4. Equinox ft. Ecstasya
5. Fluorescence
6. Fantasy (Teya Logos remix)
7. Blood moon (Warrego Valles remix)
8. Equinox ft. Stasya (Van Boom remix)