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Premiere: Idriss D – Ghira bla sebba (feat. Chazil)

Presenting its inaugural release, Berlin-based imprint Nedjma gears up the eight-track  ‘Bled el fen‘ LP – courtesy of label head honcho Idriss D.

After a number of appearances on his previous imprint Memento, ‘Bled el fen‘ LP delivers a compelling collection of eight North-African-inspired tracks blending downtempo moonscapes, bone-dry ambient, modern italo-disco and solid techno strains – complete with various guests such as Zineddine Bouchaala, Chazil, Gasba Electrique or Leila Moon.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Ghira bla sebba‘ – a downtempo chugger guiding dodgy merchants through an outlandish sea of sands. Thanks to its stress-timed percussion rhythms, puzzling synth soundscapes and mesmerizing chants from Chazil, Idriss D provides a divine redemption from invisible forces.

‘Bled el fen’ LP was released on 4th March via Nedjma. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Tsakhbira (feat. Zineddine Bouchaala)
2. Bled el fen
3. Ghira bla sebba (feat. Chazil)
4. Mohammed
5. Hey galbi (feat. Gasba Electrique)
6. Bab el oued (feat. Leila Moon)
7. Elf leila
8. Harramt