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Premiere: Inland & John Gürtler – Harmony Squared

Headquartered in Berlin, Arch was conceived this year, a series of experimental concerts shaped by the constraints of the current moment. Their new compilation ‘Life on Small Planets’ sees the inauguration of their label endeavours, bringing together 10 like-minded practitioners, many of whom have been involved with the new venture over the past months.

Inland and John Gürtler’s ‘Harmony Squared’ is a great example of the kind of electro-acoustic experimentation that Arch leans toward. An eerie exposition, laden with downcast synthesis, is slowly introduced to a sultry saxophone melody. This sets the scene for a shapeshifting amalgamation of synthetic and organic tones to which a steady rhythmic structure is soon introduced, one not devoid of slo-mo motorik influence, but also industrial low-end presence.

Given the limitations placed upon dance music in 2020, Inland notes that his attention has naturally drifted towards more abstract, meditational and experimental shores. That said, this collaborative effort with John Gürtler is not completely devoid of the influence of dance music and makes for an exciting snapshot of this young yet fruitful operation.

‘Life on Small Planets’ is scheduled for release 15 December via arch. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Perm & HAL – Schonig Fortab
2. Amandra – Potara
3. Inland & John Gürtler – Harmony Squared
4. Kev Sheridan – Exploding Bursts of Colour
5. Jamaica Suk – Serenity In Chaos
6. Fred Mann – Runaway
7. Mathias Schober – The Start of Something
8. Magna Pia – Jericho
9. Merrin Karras – Life on Small Planets
10. Johanna Knutsson – Farväl Allt Jag Vet