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Premiere: Interviews – Didg

Dedicated to shredding the club apart and turning your armpits into miniature Niagara Falls, Leipzig’s Bitterfeld is a label that keeps pushing for a sound both flat-out dynamic and functional, as affirmed by its inaugural trio of EPs courtesy of Perth’s Guy Contact, SENATE half Consulate and local player Interviews.

Around the loop and back again, this time the German imprint returns with its debut VA, featuring three cuts from the same faces, topped off with the first contribution from label co-helmer Carmel, half of the SENATE duo with Consulate.

Breaking the EP in, our pick ‘Didg‘ is a stepping floor energiser of the finest alloy, the kind Skee Mask would definitely not disown – which, in itself, says a lot about the quality of Interviews’ production skills. Electro-optical target system locked and loaded, thermal imaging activated, this high-velocity slab of inch-perfectly engineered breakbeat is going predator mode full-blast. Hiding is useless.

For A Bitter Tomorrow: Band 1 is released via Bitterfeld on April 22nd, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Interviews – Didg
A2. Guy Contact – Smoke Machine Fluid
B1. Consulate – 67 Yaw Limit
B2. Carmel – Just Swim

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