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Premiere: Tolouse Low Trax – Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow

Lovers of DJ soFa’s chimeric off-road divagations can rejoice, the Brussels-based DJ and selector is back with the fourth instalment of his acclaimed ‘Elsewhere‘ compilation series. After issuing the first three instalments through the likes of ICI (MCMXIII), Kalahari Oyster Cult (MMDLXXVI) and Crevette Records (CDXLIV), this time it’s Emotional Response that’s handled with the care of releasing the LVI number out into the world, taking us to “the darker side of the Elsewhere ouvré“.

Spanning from dreamy synthwave to altered Italo motifs, through folk bizarro and gritty industrial yaws, this twelve-track ‘travelogue’ reels out moments of acute introspective focus whilst expanding the scope to uncharted sonic terrains, as seen from the perspectives of Salon des Amateurs’ very own Tolouse Low Trax, Claude De Tapol, Dresden’s Houschyar, Bolva, Puma & The Dolphin, Alphabet Set affiliate T-woc, Anatolian Weapons, Kame House’s Infuso Giallo and more.

Premiereing through our channels today, Detlef Weinrich alias TLT faux-ambient drifter ‘Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow‘ lifts us off to an unearthly sky haven, nestled somewhere between infinite cloudscapes and barren floating prairies. Minimalistic in structure, the track reveals oodles of invention and shrewdness between the lines, putting on display a marvel of sound design true to Weinrich’s ever high-flying standards – as carefully thought-out as it is enduringly haunting.

Elsewhere LVI is released via Emotional Response on May 30th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Tolouse Low Trax – Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow
2. Infuso Giallo – Torus
3. Claude De Tapol – Du Train Jaune
4. Puma & The Dolphin
5. T-woc – Martin Eek
6. Houschyar – Intercontinental
7. YNV – Dw3
8. Bolva – Rite II
9. Anatolian Weapons – Float
10. URVERHEXT – Übertan
11. Velvet C – Exalt Cut

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