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Premiere: IORI – Under The Water

If you like your techno pounding in a pulsating vortex of enveloping drums, then IORI’s head wobbling EP on Kynant Records could be something for you. Going back to his emergence in the hallowed mnml ssg days (RIP), IORI has been steadily building a reputable brand of dub infused techno and house with stand out releases on (now defunct) Munich label Prologue, Phonica, and Mule Musiq to name a few.

With his ‘Andromeda’ EP, the Tokyo based artist continues a tradition of blending the sparseness of dub, syncopated drums with peak-time focus. In doing so, he created four corkers here, eschewing the slightly ambient sci-fi vibes of previous releases in favour of heavy and hypnotic drums, airy synths, intricate arrangement and filtered percussion. The package comes close to the hissing and snaking double helix techno of Mike Parker & la Famiglia Spazio Disponibile and the warm richness of dub techno from Detroit and Berlin.

‘Under The Water’ is our pick from the EP which is intentionally straightforward with unrelenting kick drum pressure, warm sub-bass heaviness and clear sparkling silvery snaps of cymbals and hats. Tribal toms out-muscle the relatively spacey synth notes and there is absolutely no fuss or clutter elsewhere in the track. No messing, dancefloor-ready. Wata Igarashi also returns a remix favour for IORI and reworks ‘Under The Water’ with trademark class.

Kynant Records’ rap sheet of artists include TM404 & Echologist, Tensal, Michal Wolski and Berlin’s very own mad Max Durante and with IORI’s latest offering, the label continues to build a solid reputation in the darker corners of techno.

‘Andromeda’ is scheduled for release 14 May via Kynant Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Andromeda
2. Transit
3. Under The Water
4. Under The Water (Wata Igarashi Remix)