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Premiere: LDS – Portal Merge

Transatlantic are set to release a diverse ten-track VA, with proceeds from ‘Hab Dich Lieb’ to be split between the artists involved and causes that the label feel strongly about. There are appearances by label alumni such as Europa and Trancemaster, but also new faces.

Many of the tracks here are of the hard and fast variety, but there are some outliers, including ‘Portal Merge’, the opener of the compilation. It’s a change of pace for the Stuttgart producer LDS, typically known for his warp speed take on dub techno.

Portal Merge’ strips things back to basics. The track is little more than shimmering synths and a sample taken from an ASMR video. It’s proof that you don’t need much in the way of ingredients to create music that’s emotive and compelling.

‘Hab Dich Lieb’ is scheduled for release 7 May via Transatlantic. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. LDS – Portal Merge
2. xphresh – eterna
3. Seul Ensemble – Démarre Sous La Haine
4. Trancemaster – Blue Shost
5. Light Consumer – International Player
6. Cbreak – Echa Studia
7. Gummybear – Perpediepuw Squeezy
8. Europa – Vodkabull
9. DJ G2G – Shape Of My Heart
10. Europa – Capri Sunwaves