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Premiere: Isorinne – Ingen Kunde Någonsin

Hailing from the boiling Rotterdam, License To Love (could well be the title to a sentimental 007 spin-off) is a new label that we’re pretty excited to introduce today. Their debut instalment, ‘Losing Hands‘, makes for a variedly nuanced assortment of vibes and sonics; running the gamut from Italo-indebted grooves to droney explorations, via cold wave and industrial, with equal poise.

Featuring contributions from unsung 90s musician Anthony, Russian illbient trader Karina Kazaryan aka KP Transmission, Lower Tar (half of Sterile Hand alongside Silent Servant), Haunter Records affiliate S S S S and Swedish master Isorinne, this debut VA casts its net far and deep but curiously weaves a much coherent listen out of such disparate moods and energies.

Our premiere, Isorinne‘s soothing ambient drift ‘Ingen Kunde Någonsin‘ reels out a laid back cinematic vibe as muffled percussions and clicks haul the track forward onto subtly groovier terrains. Blessed with an exquisite ear for penetrating arrangements and spot-on texturing, the Stockholm-based producer dishes out a marvel of streamlined atmosphere-scaping. Brilliant.

Losing Hands is released via License To Love on 7th May.


1. Anthony – No Access
2. Isorinne – Ingen Kunde Någonsin
3. KP Transmission – Drowsiness
4. Lower Tar – No Tears
5. S S S S – Love

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