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Premiere: Isorinne – Weightless Breath

Dutch label Leyla Records are preparing to unleash a compilation of tracks showcasing their uncompromising vision of techno. ‘Unwitch – The First Session‘ features luminaries such as Mondkopf, Von Grall, Manni Dee, and NX1 in its boundaries. However, it ends on a unique moment from Northern Electronics artist Isorinne, one that we’ve chosen as a highlight to premiere.

While the contents of ‘Unwitch – The First Session‘ conjures imagery of heavy industry and of sparks flying as steel grates against steel, “Weightless Breath” stands out as its mood errs towards the sort of seventies documentary soundtracks that inspired Boards Of Canada. Amongst the industrial brethren on the compilation, it manages to be the most unsettling as it plays out to a life support machine gradually flat-lining.

Check this out, then head over to their Bandcamp page for the release, where you also preview the EBM leaning ‘Weird Eyes‘ from Mondkopf and Manni Dee’s fierce kick drum assault on ‘A Lackey For Life‘.

Unwitch – The First Session is released via Leyla Records on 2nd March, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Unhuman – Behind the Pulse
2. Mondkopf – Weird Eyes
3. Katsunori Sawa – Unpleasant Consequences
4. Codex Empire – Assuming the Posture of Death
5. Rommek – Mantra
6. Von Grall – Sacrifice
7. Manni Dee – A Lackey for Life
8. NX1 – LYA1
9. Huren – The Man with The Snake on His Face
10. Isorinne – Weightless Breath

Discover more about Isorinne and Leyla Records on Inverted Audio.