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Premiere: Ital – Call Me

Entirely geared toward the futuristic fringes of electronic music, Turin-based label Gang Of Ducks celebrate their third anniversary with ‘Paradisia‘, an eleven-track compilation gathering well-known contributors Shape Worship, My Panda Shall Fly, Ital, Traag and new additions such as Datashock, S. Olbricht, Quicksails.

To those who’re not familiar with the label’s aesthetics, ‘Paradisia‘ offers a perfect introduction, nicely adding up to GoD’s forward-thinking vision; meshing widescreen, cyber-age electronics and off-grid techno beats to the fullest.

On hi-NRG warehouse melter ‘Call Me‘, Lovers Rock head Ital harnesses a storm of convulsing drums, alarm-like outbursts and mangled vocals, tearing them apart through multiple layers of crusty FX as it hurtles down mental techno rapids at breakneck rhythm. Like catching lightning in a bottle, this one’s all about speed and thrills galore.

Paradisia is released via Gang Of Ducks on August 26th. In addition to the digital issue, Turin-based Airbag Studio has designed a special poster to enrich this compilation. 


1. Datashock – Tinder Maxi King
2. Haf Haf – The Features of a Disgrace
3. Ital – Call me
4. XIII – Eocity
5. My Panda Shall Fly – Smiley
6. Traag – Air Effects
7. Oddgrad – Marcella
8. S. Olbricht – Female Motivation VII
9. Sabla – Vibrations
10. Shape Worship – Line3
11. QuickSails – Thrill

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