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Premiere: Jabu – Call2Me

Following albums on Blackest Ever Black and Do You Have Peace?, multi-dexterous collective and Bristol-based production trio Jabu line up a limited vinyl edition of their haunting mixtape ‘Boiling Wells (Demos ‘19-’22)‘.

Originally released in cassette and digital format in 2022, this much needed vinyl pressing has been made possible thanks to Dave Howell and Marcus Thorne through their Six of Swords imprint – and having listened to it non-stop, it’s fair to say that their decision to do so, was both worthwhile and extremely valiant.

Produced as a trio outside of the South West metropolis of Bristol, ‘Boiling Wells (Demos ‘19-’22)‘ is a tapestry of emotions, effervescent atmospheres, raw experimentation, ethereal strings, dreamscape dub and breaks. It simmers with originality and ignites a long-lasting and spellbinding impression.

There are so many tracks to fall into a trance with, but for me it’s ‘Call2Me‘ that steals the limelight. The previous track ‘Sweeping Path‘ permeates a clock ticking amongst vaporous clouds of vocals, whilst ‘Call2Me‘ snaps you out of that pendulum inducing trance and plunges you deep into a breakbeat amalgam of whirring magnetism and outer-body mysticism.

Boiling Wells (Demos ’19​-​’22) is scheduled for release 3 November via Six of Swords. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store and digital from Bandcamp.


1. Without You
2. Ribbons
3. Don’t Turn Me Away
4. Boiling Wells
5. Skin
6. Untitled
7. I’m Outside
8. Sweeping path
9. Call2Me
10. Silhouette
11. Ur Love
12. Garden 1

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