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Premiere: Javi Redondo – Narcotic Luv

Madrid-based producer Javi Redondo may not have a battery of releases to his slate – actually just one solo EP on Parisian imprint Meant Records and a handful of appearances on Correspondant previous compilations, he still smoothly made his mark as one of Spain’s most consistent talents over the years.

Back on Jennifer Cardini’s label with ‘Hammocks Go West‘, a three-track cosmic epic giving full vent to an infectious solution of quirky disco grooves, raucous technoid modulations and straight up funky staccato riffs, Redondo demonstrates the extent of his production skills with an ever-bold take on club functionality.

Our premiere, the italo-inflected ‘Narcotic Luv‘ rolls out an incendiary bass comber from outer space, guiding its arpeggiated synthwave’y notes like a rain of metors rushing down from the sky right under the dancefloor’s tile lighting. Keep an eye out for the star-studded nightly mantle and you may witness distant p-funk planets align in a captivating astral dance. Time to get down.

Hammocks Go West is released via Correspondant on August 8th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. Summer On Repeat
2. Sun Sign
3. Narcotic Luv

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