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Premiere: Sad City – Smoke

Bangor-born, now Glasgow-based producer Gary Caruth’s music embraces a broad scope of styles and tropes, lacing up soothing melodies and sleek synthetic folds with a nonpareil sense for carving deep kinetic ambiences via opulent layers of spangly electronics.

Caruth’s debut solo album as Sad City, released on July 29th via Emotional Response and Meda Fury, makes for a particularly enticing journey into the producer’s elegiac post-urban universe. Every bit as attracted by the likes of Arthur Russell, John Cage or Antipop Consortium, the full-length format certainly offers the right, uncluttered space of expression for his supple blends of ambient and breathable electronica to fully develop.

Smoke‘ combines the vaporous quality of its title with the brightness of Sad City’s chiselled sound design. Like birds caught in an updraft, otherworldly vocals shift tones and glide over the towering silhouettes of skyscraping glass-shells as garlands of chiming bells resound, beaming like reflections of a fertile oasis through these tar-coated cityscapes. Pure magic.

Shapes In Formation is released via Emotional Response and Meda Fury on July 29th, order a vinyl copy from R&S.


A1. Rain Call
A2. Pace, Movement I – IV
A3. People + Plants
B1. Steady Jam
B2. Smoke
B3. Water
B4. Again

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