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Bruise: Presentation EP

“Meda Fury’s latest signing Bruise is quite a different prospect once you begin peering beneath the surface of this freshly minted moniker” Meda Fury‘s latest release
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Campfire Headphase: Sad City talks up his upcoming live sunrise set at Farr Festival 2017

Responsible for one of last year’s most strikingly beautiful ambient albums, Sad City talks up debuting his new live set at our Campfire Headphase stage at Farr Festival and goes into his working relationship with Emotional Response founder Chuggy and Nick Williams, head of R&S Records sub-label Meda Fury, which led to the release of ‘Shapes In Formation’.

In Perspective: DJ Seinfeld

In the space of only two years, DJ Seinfeld has grown from the status of unheard talent onto that of an accomplished artist at the speed of light. We caught up with Armand as he opens up on his sudden rise to prominence, production debut and how he accustoms to the demanding tour life.

Ryota OPP reimagines ‘Pale Lux’ as Haiku

Following his debut release on Meda Fury in 2015, Tokyo-based producer Ryota OPP returns with his debut full-length ‘Pale Lux’. We caught up with Ryota for a quick-fire chat as he selected some personal pictures and transformed each track from the album into haiku to better capture the mood and essence of his compositions.

Premiere: Sad City – Smoke

Gary Caruth’s debut solo album as Sad City, released on July 29th via Emotional Response and Meda Fury, makes for a particularly enticing journey into the producer’s elegiac post-urban universe, allowing his supple blends of ambient and breathable electronica to fully develop. Stream the brightly-hued ‘Smoke’ within.

Premiere: OL – Jungle TV

Wrapping stealthy, predator-like bass moves, hissy hi-hats and granular claps around a psychedelic synth melody, ‘Jungle TV’ is an understated wonky melter. We got to discuss studio matters with Oleg and asked him about his hip-hop backdrop and further plans for the Summer.

Nick Williams on Meda Fury

We caught up with Meda Fury label boss Nick Williams to discuss the roots of the R&S Records sub-label and how he perceives the label growing in the near future.

Takuya Matsumoto: Ram EP

Taking inspiration from almost every flavour of house and techno going, the Ram EP often invites external comparisons, yet still defies hard-and-fast classification – a testament to Matsumoto’s singular sound.