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Premiere: JEANS & Spekki Webu – pssjeeeiingggg!

Sismo Festival, a trance and ambient music festival in Lyon, France, open up an in-house label, Seismic Wave, with their ‘Seismic Wave Propagation‘ compilation.

Featuring the talents of Christian Coiffeur, Pyramid of Knowledge and Vector Trancer, ‘Seismic Wave Propagation‘ summarises the night programming of the festival well: a vibrant collage of thundering basslines and pounding psychedelic dance music, geared for the floor.

We’re excited to premiere JEANS & Spekki Webu’s cheekily-titled ‘pssjeeeiingggg!‘. The production debut from Delft-based Spekki, whose Mirror Zone label, though only a few releases in, has been a constant source of excitement and creativity in a scene commonly associated with nostalgia.

Needless to say, Spekki’s productions don’t veer from the quality we’re used to on his label, and whilst his partner here, JEANS, is a new name to us, one quickly gets the impression they’re kindred talents. A disarray of loosely-assembled percussion scrambles its way through the churning intro, gradually building cohesion under the hammer of the kickdrum. Gritty, yet not in-your face, this is trance for the mindset, not the stereotypes — psychedelic heat for an open floor, with room to move freely. Hopefully, a taste of Sismo Festival itself.

‘Seismic Wave Propagation’ is scheduled for release 28 June via Seismic Wave. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Christian Coiffure – Epicentre
2. Tassilo Vanhöfen – Cold Ratchet
3. Pepe Del Noche – Ohm Secret Edit
4. Vector Trancer – Root-Kin
5. Repulsive Force – The A
6. JEANS & Spekki Webu – Pssjeeeiingggg!
7. Christian Coiffure – Scaling
8. Saonore – 4h55
9. Botwin – Catarak
10. Aa Sudd – Hobgoblin
11. Tassilo Vanhöfen – Vitriolic Slander
12. Pyramid Of Knowledge – Tunnel PM
13. Christian Coiffure – Replica