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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with Harmless Youth

The final Thursday of May saw radio host Freddie Hudson joined by Kuba’93 of Harmless Youth Records, a record label and former party series operating out of Prague, in the fourth installment of our Radio Punctum Residency.

Harmless Youth have been releasing music since 2016, with their recent Formally Unknown and Horsepower Productions‘ remix being premiered through Inverted Audio over the last few months. Before sinking into the mixing, we spoke with Kuba about his history with the UK dubstep scene through the label’s parties, and their adventurous forthcoming record from UK producer Will Flisk.

After three talk-based shows playing predominantly ambient and experimental music, Kuba’93 delivered a vibrant guestmix of music tuned for radio frequencies, including Stroom.tv and SVBKVLT releases alongside Bristol’s Kahn & O$VMV$M, as well as giving us a pre-listen to Flisk’s future Harmless Youth release.

Besides the recent premieres of Will Hofbauer & Sangre Voss, and Second Storey on System Revival, Freddie’s guestmix featured exlusively forthcoming music, including the opening track from Lotus Wash, LNS & DJ Sotofett’s collaborative record on Tresor, future XPQ? material from PVAS, and a future slice from DJ Nobu’s BITTA label.

Tune into our next Radio Punctum broadcast on 24 June (19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT)


1. Lotus Wash – Spooky Action At A Distance [LBD Sounds]
2. Dark Arts – Fragments Of A Smile [Stroom.tv]
3. O$VMV$M – Mysterious Downfall Rhythm ft. Jiinx [self-released]
4. Tricky – Fall Please (Kahn Remix) [False Idols]
5. Will Flisk – Satie And The Crow ft. Sif Augustdottir [Forthcoming Harmless Youth]
6. Zillas on Acid – A Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club (Fantastic Twins Remix) [Inside Out Records]
7. Lil Ronin – Été 2017 [LIO Press]
8. Zaliva D – Sky Singing [SVBKVLT]
9. NVST – Police Star Pablo [Big Science Records]
10. Will Hofbauer & Sangre Voss – Pumice [Control Freak Recordings]
11. LNS & DJ Sotofett – El Dubbing [Forthcoming Tresor]
12. Flaty – Rotation—60 [Forthcoming ANWO]
13. Second Storey – FTF [System Revival]
14. PVAS – 3rd Concession [Forthcoming XPQ?]
15. DJ Nobu – Fade [Forthcoming BITTA]
16. Dubtro – Printed Metal (Goth-Trad Remix) [BACK TO CHILL]