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Premiere: JiaLing – RaJahLing

Today’s premiere is a cacophonous, breakbeat bumper courtesy of NYC-via-Baltimore multidisciplinary artist, JiaLing – previously featured on our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms.

Coming from a spirited three-tracker being released on their jjjjjjjj imprint – entitled ‘01182023′, our pick is ‘RahJahLing’, a playful, break-laden rim-rattler that uses engaging-yet-familiar vocal samples to ingratiate listeners firm within their footing amongst the dancefloor.

Charming, evocative and teetering towards eruption with each passing phrase, the tune soars as a sub-sonic weapon while never losing its whimsy throughout its run-time. Check out the tune after the jump and see how it tickles you.

‘01182023’ is scheduled for release 18 January via jjjjjjjj. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. JiaLing – RahJahLing
2. Big J – BrokeFk
3. jjjjjjjj – BadBitchToms