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VRIL lines up ‘Animist’ LP on Delsin

Following two previous albums on Delsin in 2015 and 2017, German producer VRIL returns to the Dutch imprint in March with his next full length album ‘Animist’.

Consisting of 12 tracks, ‘Animist‘ is a resplendent body of music, venturing down the producers usual concoction of raw & emotive electronics, melancholic dub techno and richly textured sonics. Track highlights include ‘Katharsis’, ‘Boom To The Moon’ and ‘Anomal Beta’.

‘Animist’ is scheduled for release on 3 March via Delsin. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Animist
2. Love Rollout
3. Zūkunftsstrāße
4. Katharsis
5. Terraformink
6. Boom To The Moon
7. Unwelt
8. Kuru
9. Anomal Beta
10. Errorist
11. Mortem Cellula
12. Sohn