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Valya Kan releases ‘Pink’ EP on Wild Nation

Following her debut album ‘Dust And Haze‘ in 2019 on Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records, Berlin-based producer Valya Kan issues her next extended player through her own imprint Wild Nation.

Produced between 2021 – 2022 and mastered by Russian producer Anton Zap, ‘Pink‘ features four tracks of velvety downtempo and low slung deep house grooves that should satisfy even the most discerning of melancholic fans. Track highlights include ‘Lake‘ and ‘Numb‘.

“All tracks are not fully polished and finished as a bag with the laptop with all the work was stolen. All that is left is just WAV files, compiled in a playlist on Soundcloud. It’s basically a released demo, which I still decided to put out, because they are bringing me back to the moments of my life.”

‘Pink’ is scheduled for release 23 December 2022 via Wild Nation. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Artwork by Hugo Moura


1. Pink
2. Lake
3. Bliss
4. Numb