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Premiere: Johney – Rubber

Now on the cusp of their eighth release, Ostrava-based imprint Shakhta prepare to release the three-track ‘SHKHT008‘ EP – courtesy of Brno-based producer Johney.

Following previous appearances on Soul Ex Machina, Sapyens and Shakhta, ‘SHKHT008‘ delivers three tracks of peak time artillery. Bringing a slew of highly hazardous tracks, Johney redefines UK bass standards with iron-fisted techno, crooked states of grime, and charcoal grey dubstep.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Rubber‘ – a neoprene fantasy broadcast from a subterranean mineshaft jam-packed with filthy fetishists. As Johney hammers down all the rules again, post-Soviet ruins set the scene with a nostalgia-induced intro evoking the UK Garage golden era, followed by microseismic bass, computerised utterances, ferocious breaks and sulphurous synthesizers.

‘SHKHT008’ is scheduled for release on 25th March via Shakhta. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sensory Distortion
2. Head For The Hills
3. Rubber