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Premiere: Kaffe Crème – Passacaille

Shots of Ray & Nephew, crystalline shine and the sound of heels… foot-stepping down the Quai François Mauriac, the Seine shining in the foreground – this cigarette makes me feel uneasy after the salty liquids… but from the inside of the club, I hear sultry tones of Umusa are playing out to vibrant feet swaying on the dancefloors. Time to shake my ass like I don’t care who’s watching.

From nods of recognition, to hyperactive sways of motion, caused directly from the jittery house being crafted in the city streets of Paris, there’s a collective of gents been a rumbling up some gorgeous music. Helping to turn heads release after release, VERTV and the team behind it, have steadily built a reputation for fine music, quirky cover art and some beaut parties. Based on that simple recipe, they’ve gone and got a cheeky chappy called Kaffe Crème to sprinkle his wonders over the next release: Neukölln Omelett.

The co-founder of Moonrise Hill, has churned out a cute 4 track EP with heavy influences of jazz notes and broken beat tones, infused with house, and garnished with wafty notes, the release pays tribute to key moments in classical music, and a stalwart in jazz, all the while, tipping the hat to current motions and having fun.

Figures that, in the far lands of France, where the tap water is a little dodgy, but the bread is much better than our Tesco wholemeal Wunderbread, they wouldn’t be half bad at crafting effervescent house, eh. The gents even managed to give us a premiere of one of the gems from the EP.

Dripping with sexy bass ostinato, ooof, give it to me… ‘Passacaille’, pays homage to the times before it, uplifting everything it’s warm melodies touch. Which is kind of the motion of the whole EP, nothing too serious, but from I <3 U to Johnny Hartman, there are some splendid moments – having just released a quirky compilation of the label and party favorites beforehand, Kaffe Crème steps up and provides another staple release… you can listen to the new track below.

Kaffe Crème’s Neukölln Omelett is out on June 22nd, grab a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. I <3
A2. Johnny Hartman
B1. Umusa
B2. Passacaille

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