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Premiere: Kaltès – Ruisselante

Tresor resident Kaltès has launched a brand new label, Aetna Records, which is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Aetna Records’ name is derived from the mountain nymph, Aetna, who settled the quarrel between two Olympians, Hephaestus and Demeter, who each sought to gain possession of Sicily. As a native of Sicily herself, Kaltès wanted to pay tribute to her roots and the rich history of her homeland.

As an artist who has previously released on highly regarded labels such as Eotrax and MORD, Kaltès imbued the first release of Aetna Records with a fierce and fiery energy. Both tracks featured on the release, including our premiere of ‘Ruisselante,’ are smoky and brooding, while also understanding the balance between heavy, billowing atmosphere and the tough metallic edge of techno.

In addition to the two original tracks, the release is also backed up by a remix from the ever-consistent Irish duo of Lakker. Their remix of ‘La pluie d’éte’ adds a machine driven industrial vibe to an already intriguing release. ‘La pluie d’éte’ is out now and pitch perfect for those who like their music with a smouldering scowl.

‘La pluie d​’​é​té’ is scheduled for release on 24 April via Aetna Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. La pluie d’été
2. Ruisselante
3. La pluie d’été (Lakker Remix)