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Premiere: Keepsakes – Transgression Via Assimilation

Following in the footsteps of their pulsating ‘Years Of Delirium‘ diptych, Berlin’s HAVEN are back with a vengeance for their third number in the white label series. True to the imprint’s hardline, take-no-prisoner approach to warehouse techno and analogue brutalism, ‘Sardonic Tonality Vol.1‘ opens a new chapter with four razor-sharp bangers courtesy of expert frenzy-whippers Ansome, New Frames, Draag and label owner James Barrett, alias Keepsakes.

Skippering us into Hellish grounds to the puncturing pulse of martial drums, Barrett dishes out a voluptuously wicked slice of uninhibited dungeon-tech, sure to submerge the crowd in a state of esoteric trance. As pneumatic kicks stamp their way in with unflinching impact, breaksy rhythmic shifts and mind-altering drones scramble all 4/4 linearity to ensure maximal paranoid perturbation on and off the dance floor. Fear for your sanity, nightmarish rave crusher all the way.

Sardonic Tonality Vol.1 is released via HAVEN on 27th September 2019, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Ansome – Ripper Transistor
A2. Keepsakes – Transgression Via Assimilation
B1. New Frames – Scatter
B2. Draag – Core

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