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Premiere: Klorin – Noncompliance

The name probably doesn’t tell you much yet but hiding under the moniker of Klorin are none other than Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon and Norin, better known as the lead singer of Swedish synth-pop band Lust For Youth. Their debut release as such, ‘Noncompliance‘, is scheduled for landing on 4th November 2016.

Stepping up to deliver the third number of newborn Copenhagen-based imprint WAA Industry, Klorin unload an hypnagogic four-tracker shining with heavy-lidded climates and numb downtempo drowned in reverbs and delays, created in a number of early morning sessions in Kenton Slash Demon’s studio.

We were fascinated by the idea of combining something that was almost primal or tribe like rhythmically with an atmosphere that felt technologically advanced and futuristic – aiming to capture a feeling of being detached from society in an industrialized, achromatized and modern world.

On the deeply mesmeric slo-mo melter ‘Noncompliance‘, drums bead like teardrops over tawny blankets of arid sand, bassline intensifying as pads go by in ethereal cloudscapes – caressing the generous curves of endless dunes in a tense, troubled yet delicate manner. There may well be a verdant oasis beyond this shapely skyline, or is it a sandstorm building up?

Noncompliance is released via WAA Industry on 4th November, order a vinyl copy from Juno. Watch the official music video here.


A1. Noncompliance
A2. Cash Flow
B1. IOC Corruption Scandal
B2. Nauru

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