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Annanan announces ‘New Wave Of Nature’ EP for Black Opal

After inaugurating 2016 with his captivating ‘Fear And Love‘ EP on LL.M, Berlin-based producer Annanan makes his debut on Opal Tapes’ offshoot Black Opal with a new four-track lo-fi excursion titled ‘New Wave Of Nature‘ that shall hit shelves on 2nd November.

Known for his melancholic blends of heavy 4/4 rhythms and grey-shaded soundscapes, Annanan goes deeper into his exploration of techno’s turbulent magma. Strewing piano chords through the dark atmospheres of ‘New Wave Of Nature‘ and ‘Gone‘, the producer then dilutes the compact brutality of his kicks on ‘Bomb‘, letting that funeral sound unfold loosely on ‘Sphere‘.

‘New Wave Of Nature’ is released via Opal Tapes on 2nd December 2016. 


1.New Wave Of Nature
2. Bomb

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