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Premiere: LAIR – Meld

The world of questionable tonality is full of wonders far and wide – and when it comes from the likes of someone like LAIR, you listen closely and feel from within. The Irish producer is stepping out from the darkness with a stellar EP on Eomac’s Eotrax label, inviting listeners to experience a world-widened sound that seeps into the subconscious.

Between sound healing and yoga, LAIR presents a world that is channeled through a sonic scope that adheres to cooperation and concentration – and that stands out boldly with a track like “Meld.” Check the track below and let yourself get lost in another world.

LAIR EP is out today, order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Invoke
2. Meld
3. Meld (Rrose Remix)
4. Searching in Circles
5. Incant
6. Meld (Rrose Distillation)

Discover more about LAIR and Eotrax on Inverted Audio.