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Premiere: Laner Fax – 97 Firebound

Amongst the reams of well-known names attached to the resurgence of Lyon as a hotbed for dance music in France, a new mysterious entity going by the name of Laner Fax has emerged – possibly a side-project, a whole new figure or a simple guise for one-off use – geared with unstoppable electro-jazz weaponry that evokes the finest of Aphex Twin and Claro Intelecto.

Hot off the press, Laner Fax’s blazing debut two-tracker sets the stage for the newly-formed AFL (the sister label of a reputed record store and label in Lyon) in stupendous manner. Of these two jacuzzi-warm electro breakers tinged with hints of blue note-y scales, polyrhythmic shifts and a bouncy 303-infused swing, we’re glad to share the opening cut ‘97 Firebound‘.

As the acid bass free-flows in the lower spectrum, delicately arranged piano notes let out their highly-addictive nostalgic perfume. Hard to not be reminded of Mark Stewart’s all-time mind-blowing classic ‘Peace Of Mind‘… Honestly, we can’t think of a better compliment.

97 Firebound / Dranzer Beatin is released via AFL on 12th September, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A. 97 Firebound
B. Dranzer Beatin

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