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Aquarian curbs his hanger with Gordon Ramsay

There’s simply nothing more taxing than being in the kitchen and getting things wrong. One can simply go crazy if all the pertinent ingredients aren’t right. The same thing applies to making music, which is where percussive sous-vide specialist Aquarian comes in.

After his “free sample” two-tracker and a banging mix for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations series, the Brooklyn-via-Toronto producer steps into the fire with a sizzling new EP on his Hanger Management label, entitled “Hamburglar Helper / Snack ID“. This three-track release is overflowing with bass-fueled flavour, simmering with sharp snares and speckled with percussive playfulness.

If there’s anything that was missing from this joyous set of tracks, it was a video to confound the danger of hanger that could permeate if the solution was not be found. Luckily, Aquarian has provided a music video that perfectly demonstrates the highs and lows of maintaining hanger, featuring the most zen television chef in human history, Chef Gordon Ramsay. Time to earn those Michelin stars on the dance floor.

Hamburglar Helper / Snack ID comes out on Hanger Management 29th September 2017, order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Hamburglar Helper
2. Snack ID
3. Hamburglar Helper (Aquarian & Deapmash Remix)

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