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Premiere: Leibniz – Quake

Two years after the release of his latest effort on Hundert, the label he co-helms alongside his brother Felix, Berlin’s Leibniz returns with ‘Quake‘ – his eruptively churning new four-tracker for Jonas Yamer’s Munich-based imprint Molten Moods.

Known for the innovative strength of his dancefloor-focused wares – as previously featured by the likes of Fourth Wave, shtum, Ortloff and Rat Life, Moritz Paul has been pushing for a sound as functionally trenchant as it allows itself to digress from variably rhythmic to full-on atmospheric terrains. Shifting focals from UK bass salvos to further spacious leftfield scopes and spaced-out technoid drifts, this one’s here to vouch for Leibniz’s trademark versatility and quick-wittedness.

Premiering over at IA today, the title-track ‘Quake‘ takes no byway to get its message across. Unleashing pulsating waves of wobbly bass, washed-over pads and syncopated drum dynamics, the track also shares its cluster of idiosyncratic weirdness: gasping-for-breath noises, chuffing engines on repeat and chopped-up vox stabs straight outta the ’88 rave continuum collide in a messy big-bang of sorts, resulting in this wonky, tremor-inducing peak time burner. Well done, lads.

Quake is out now via Molten Moods. Order a digital copy from Bandcamp, or pre-order the 12″ version over at the label’s webshop, out mid-April.


A1. Quake
A2. 32MB
B2. Crash

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