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Premiere: Levan – Fabryka Kosmetik

Resurfacing this year with their second VA after the 2017-released ‘Collection Of Draft‘, Lyon-based record label Third Try Records traveled to Georgia to garner some unheard house, techno and ambient delicacies that capture the spirit and soul of a much intriguing and talented new wave of artists, directly sourced from the Tbilisi area and its surroundings. The result is, to say the least, impressive.

Our pick, Levan‘s vibey ambient-house roller ‘Fabryka Kosmetik‘ traverses widescreen dreamy expanses in a seemingly weightless fashion. Geared with an equal dose of heavy-lidded sluggishness and subtle floor-focused dynamism, the track furls and unfolds like a wave softly swashes into a white sand beach, calm but forceful. Take a peek behind the veil and you’ll realise how much Georgia has to offer, deep beyond the solidly-established institution of clubbing that is Bassiani.

Pieces From Tbilisi is out now via Third Try Records, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Levan – Kung Fu Style
A2. Levan – Refrigerator
A3. Sportmanship – Moonlit
A4. Sportsmanship – Omni
A5. Levan – Fabryka Kosmetik
A6. Iazikzazubami – ლავsong
B1. DJ Hairy Palms – Dri Fit
B2. Kdema – Guesswho 06:26
B3. Kdema – Glove
B4. Kdema – Pink
B5. DJ Hairy Palms – Melting Red
B6. Levan – Be Aware Of What Makes The Moon So Brilliant

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