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Premiere: Local Suicide & Curses – Whispering

Dark disco and -wave duo Local Suicide ready their debut album, ‘Eros Anikate‘ — laden with high profile collaborations with parallel artists like Theus Mago, Hard Ton and Curses — via their own label Iptamenos Discos.

Despite featuring the musical talents of numerous other artists, ‘Eros Anikate’ is nonetheless a true and faithful representation of the sound which has led Local Suicide to be among the most celebrated in their field, representing a fresh fusion of electronic disco that speaks in EBM’s quieter tongues — a perfect storm of dark and light.

Seeing Curses’ involvement on the tracklist for ‘Whispering‘ gives you a good idea of the kind of energy within the song: far from all-out cheerful and smiling fun, and comfortably bouncier than down and grumpy, the three artists together weave a perfect combination of danceable disco beat, distorted guitar and reverb-washed lyrics that’s both nostalgic and new. As the first single of the album, ‘Whispering‘ is out now and ready to bring the goth summer vibes to the party.

‘Eros Anikate’ is scheduled for release 13 May via Iptamenos Discos. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. High Buildings w/ Lee Stevens
2. Whispering w/ Curses
3. Moustache w/ Skelesys
4. Jam Bounce Release w/ Theus Mago
5. Hercules Adonis
6. PHD In Apology
7. Like Follow Subscribe feat. Hard Ton
8. Homme Fatal feat. The Hidden Cameras
9. Cobra Wave w/ Kalipo
10. Agapi feat. Sissi Rada
11. Eros Anikate feat. Lena Platonos