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Premiere: Locked Club & RLGN – Bosozoku

Just by looking at the centre label stamp, you know the tone is set. With a balaclava for coat of arms, the debut offering from Locked Club & RLGN on Private Persons is a matter of black market G music, packed to the rim with illicit blends of incendiary old-school breakbeat and acid-belching club music tailored for big room rumble and extensive outdoor raving.

Kicking off the EPin spectacular manner, our premiere ‘Bosozoku‘ unleashes the power without further notice, exploding to your face like a sudden backdraft. Showering laser-like synth shards and chopped-up vox slivers upon muddy acidic puddles while sustained onslaughts of bloodthirsty drums and percs keep the pressure rising, the mysterious pair alternates lead-heavy hardcore breaks and intense drops at an insane pace and ratio for what results in a fierce, bone-crushing workout. Alien music for alien people.

Forever Punk is released via Private Persons on 14th August, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Bosozoku
A2. Baikal Boogie
B1. 80.8 FM
B2. Tsukare

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