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Premiere: Bambooman – Strain

Matthew Herbert’s Accidental imprint has been punching heavy of recent, with releases from raw wonky house man Arttu and a choice split release featuring a choice edit of Jamie Liddell. This strong vein of form continues with a long player from Bambooman, the alias of Kirk Barley, following up a couple EP’s on the imprint over the past 12 months.

With a trio of releases on Sonic Router and a forthcoming mix on Solid Steel, ‘Whispers’ LP is as eclectic as you would imagine, drifting from textural ambient to lurching hip hop and pastural deep house to heartfelt soul with complete ease. The album is a collage on several levels – with the cover art pieced together by Golden Teacher’s Oliver Pitt, the nineties leaning vocals of Elsa Hewitt spliced across many tracks on the album, and a lifetime of field recordings being drawn upon.

When offered the chance to highlight the album on Inverted Audio, it was quite the decision on which mood to settle upon for this premiere. In the end, the 50’s sci-fi chords, gradually onrushing cascades of space organ and slight edge of techno grit in ‘Strain‘ that captured our imagination.

‘Whispers’ will be hitting the racks on 25th August 2017, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Blocked
2. Brisk
3. Daxamite
4. Bird Season
5. Frost
6. Whispers
7. Bronze
8. Melt
9. Static
10. Louie
11. Strain
12. Manatee
13. Water Break
14. Caves

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