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Premiere: Dreams – Meditation II

First of all, we’ve got to make one thing clear: no Brazil isn’t just the country of samba, football, Gui Boratto, Jay Haze and Mixhell (remember?), and its new wave of underground house and techno producers is sure working hard to prove you the depth of the local talents pool and its wide reach.

Amongst the handful of Brazilian producers who’ve made quite the impression on us; Fernando Seixlack aka Innsyter and his EPs for Delroy Edwards’ L.A. Club Resource and Ron Wilson’s 777, the enigmatic Coastdream and his pair of stunning 12″s for Renascence and X-Kalay, and the one we’ll focus on today, i.e. Jesse Pimenta who you certainly better know as Dreams.

Up next on Vinicius Duarte’s Subsubtropics imprint, the Los Angeles-based producer flexes muscles and aims to set maximal tension on the dance floor with ‘Vision Zero‘. Our premiere, the burning ‘Meditation II‘, sees a storm of menacing synth arpeggios build up above a bed of sizzling electronics and gut-churning distortions as the drums beat a rough and savage tempo. Better buckle your seat belt and bite the bullet, this one’s a chaotic descent into the belly of the beast.

Vision Zero is released via Subsubtropics on 11th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Vision Zero
A2. Stop
B1. Eyes That Burn
B2. Meditation II
B3. Stop (Innsyter Treta-Treatment Remix)

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