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Premiere: Lyra Valenza – Nightshade Edition

Danish duo Lyra Valenza step back onto their Petrola 80 imprint for the first time since their last outing, ‘Scan & Deliver‘ (in conjunction with experimental label Opal Tapes) with ‘Nightshade Edition‘, a 4-track EP spread, unbiased, over the realms of rave music.

The title track closes proceedings with heavy breaks, inundated with the deep surges of bass and dub-esque chord plunges found across classic jungle. It’s a stuttering affair that somehow combines full-blown tear-out energy with a certain measured patience; a cycle of escalation and de-escalation that courses through frenetic breaks and pregnant pauses.

Nightshade Edition‘ is a welcome breath of fresh air, even amongst recent music that focusses efforts on remaining impartial to genre, thanks to both it’s effortless use of tropes, and the ease at which these are assimilated into a sonic canvas nearly unique to Lyra Valenza.

‘Nightshade Edition’ is scheduled for release 19 June. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Blind Spot Monitor
2. Sport Mode
3. Low B4
4. Nightshade Edition