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Premiere: Maltash – صلي على الموت

Bristol’s premium purveyors of brutal electronic honesty, Avon Terror Corps, join forces with the resolute Exist Festival from Ramallah, Palestine, to deliver ‘Resist To Exist‘, a 33-track strong compilation of music and accompanying T-shirt raising funds for the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

Featuring a perfect blend of well-known Western artists (Ossia, DJ Die Soon, Harrga, Salac) and get-to-know artists from the Middle East and beyond (Maltash, DAKN, Abu Ama, Ethnique Punch), the compilation balances the jagged emotional intensity we’ve loved from ATC’s prior output with equal rage and musical finesse from the artists unknown to us.

Maltash, a Lebanese experimental musician currently living in Brussels who remodels industrial, metal and the diversity of Arabic music into his own genre, is one of these artists new on our radar. His track ‘صلي على الموت  (‘Pray For Death’ in English) criticises the use of religion as a basis for atrocities committed around the world, and the abuse of power and money to purposefully inflict injustices between two people.

‘Resist To Exist’ is scheduled for release 4 June via Avon Terror Corps. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

*Maltash has very kindly translated the Arabic lyrics into English. Scroll down.


1. Abul-Loul the Singer and the Hole – Nar El Ghera نار الغيرة
2. Tzii – Violent Inequal System of Assholes
3. 00970 – Sout Sraakh Syaa7 صوت صرااخ صيااح
4. DJ Die Soon – Untitled
5. Asifeh – Quake
6. Kelan – RAS
7. Erorrist – The Destruction Of A Legacy
8. Princess Difficult – Dusk
9. BedouinDrone – Humaithara
10. ANTS – When? Near! \ مَتَىٰ ؟ قَرِيبٌ feat Bint Mbareh
11. SKYLA – 25th Hour
12. Dirar Kalash – Stone Dancer
13. Burden – SHI5046V2
14. Harrga – État de Siège
15. Maltash – صلي على الموت
16. Ethnique Punch – Dert El-Chark
17. Abu Ama – RiiF
18. J. Martin – Monty
19. Dali – Lament
20. Salac – Desocrate
21. NRD – يأجوجكم قادم – ya’joojakom qadem
22. Laughter of Saints – The Queen Sleeps Silent While Her Maggots Sell Arms For Israeli War Crimes
23. Knochengesicht – Vesselfor
24. BIPED – Pigs / Other Apes
25. HOMOAGENT – 080353A
26. Only Now – Will
27. Concentration – —
29. Kirdec – It’s Genocide
30. Meira Asher – Shahid 1
31. Rayhan Sudrajat & Theo Nugraha – Katutu Atei
32. Nick Vander – Empty Again
33. Ossia – Dedication To Umm al-Khair _ Free Palestine

Lyrics in Arabic:

صلي على الموت بركي بتعيش كتير
صلي يكون بيك قرط كتير
صلي على الموت بركي بتعيش كتير
صلي يكون بيك قرط كتير أراضي

صلي ع كلمات قطع عليها زمانات صلي
صلي للأولاد و للامات بس عرب أوعى تخلي
صلي ع مليار دولار
اخت المليار الجابك ع هلأراضي

كس اخت الرباك من صوص و عملك حوت ما تخليني الك
نفسي مكبوت من العكروت يلي عملك
جيلك رح يموت
والجيل البعد ضاع بوظيفه

صلي, أوعى تصليلي
صلي, أوعى تصليلي

Lyrics translated into English:

Pray for death, maybe you will live long
Pray that your father was a thief
Pray for death, maybe you will live long
Pray that your father stole a lot of land

Pray for words on which times have past
Pray for children and mothers, but leave no Arab alive
Pray for a billion dollars
Curse the billion who brought you to this land

Curse the one that raised you from a chick into a whale, need I not tell you
My spirit is repressed by the one that made you
Your generation will die
And the generation to come sold out for a job

Pray, don’t pray for me
Pray, don’t pray for me