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Premiere: Massimo Pupillo – Sàiva

With 14 years of operation under their belt, Roma-based record label Glacial Movements serve up 11 frosty lullabies courtesy of Massimo Pupillo, founding member of Italian prog-rock band Zu.

Over the years of composing and touring internationally with Zu, Massimo Pupillo has become a multi-instrumental mastermind conducting avant-garde experiments and organised noise with hints of contemplative ambient. His latest album, ‘Our Forgotten Ancestors‘ is a dark ambient soundtrack to a blissful planet.

Our pick from the album is ‘Sàiva’ thanks to its clairaudient zen session transporting you to the peaks of Mount Kailash, in the presence of an omniscient Yogi. Infused with quavering low frequencies and spiritual melodies from distant lands, the track will burn away your deepest desires into ashes.

‘Our Forgotten Ancestors’ is scheduled for release 20th October via Glacial Movements. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Beaivi
2. Seite
3. Ulda 06:20
4. Joik
5. Noaidi
6. Horagalles
7. Akhàt
8. M-ano
9. Sami
10. Sàiva
11. Màttaràhkkà