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Premiere: Matisa – I Need A Bit Of Poetry (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)

2019 saw Rome-born producer Matisa quickly rise up the ranks and gain international attention with widely lauded releases on labels including Butter Session and Optimo Music. Her next release, ‘The Elsewhere’ EP, on Biologic Records, is a tangling display of disco-house, electro and trance, which smoothly merges and twists together track after track.

For our premiere we picked Kim Ann Foxman‘s remix of ‘I Need a Bit of Poetry’ – a punchy yet atmospheric rework crafted for early morning moves on the dance floor. Compared to the original, it showcases a heavier inclination of electro with acid lines and tighter drums backing reverb vocals and pads – providing an ‘elsewhere’ feel, seven minutes of hypnotic excursion.

‘The Elsewhere’ is scheduled for release 12 June via Bialogic Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. I Need A Bit Of Poetry (Original Mix)
2. I Need A Bit Of Poetry (Kim Ann Foxman remix)
3. Are You Not Sleepy (Original Mix)
4. The Curtain Falls (Original Mix)