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SW. lines up mini album ‘Night’ on Night Defined Recordings

German producer Stefan Wust aka SW. will release his next mini-LP in July through Austrian imprint Night Defined Recordings.

Consisting of six tracks, ‘Night‘ explores and meanders through elements of break beat, leftfield, jazz and further oddball electronics. Quoted from the press release “the tracks manifest and dematerialise themselves almost in a non-tangible and floating way, which can be seen as more than just a musical approach but rather shows the artist referring to issues of volatility and evanescence.”

‘Night’ is scheduled for release 24 July via Night Defined Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. øpenJA[zzz…]
A2. silverlight [ja]zz[sh]Ort
A3. Citiy Africa MA[XXX]
B1. ëAtZAbEATzzGANGSter[n]
B2. druQks iDEA[T]
B3. deeep HAUNTINGshit