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Premiere: MB Jones – Hearts For Eyes

When buying a record, the fact that it comes accompanied by an intriguing background story usually adds an impalpable pleasure to the aura of the music itself. Added value or sales argument, true anecdote or clever spiel, the process of whelming a release into a certain cultural framework or imaginary canvas certainly weighs on a promo buildup and the reception of its future audience.

Inaugural release of Drama, the new parallel project of Antinote venturesome steersmen Zaltan and PAM, MB Jones ‘Rok Spy‘ benefits from such an enticingly exotic narrative. Curious fantasy out an extravagant writer’s mind or genuine top-secret material, judge for yourself:

“Recorded in Busan, Republic of Korea by former US special agent MB Jones, ROK Spy documents both his stay in a country on the verge of a nuclear conflict and his mission there (for obvious confidential reasons, the purpose of this mission is only to be referred to in an elusive way).

While most of his personal belongings have disappeared – or, more likely, been destroyed – we are very thankful for the safe receipt of a USB stick containing 7 songs recorded in Autumn 2017, alongside a drawing and a few handwritten notes. We are proud to now be able to share these with you.”

Lifted from Jones’ vibrantly colourful debut album, our premiere ‘Hearts For Eyes‘ sounds like the fruit of a pot-fuelled jam between Woo, Arthur Russell and Damon Albarn. Tracing its way across sorrowful inner-scapes and reverb-sodden meanders, the song floats and drifts through a thick haze of distorted memories as obsessive guitar riffs resound and billow out in fine volutes.

A real gem of an oddball “pop-not-pop” album as the label accurately describes it – similar in essence to the uniquely cheerful sonic universe of Domenique Dumont tinged with a further weirdo, John Maus-esque twist, ‘Rok Spy‘ breaks the label’s catalogue in propitiously.

Rok Spy is released via Drama on 28th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


1. Pusan Perimeter
2. Even Spies Fall In Love
3. Hearts For Eyes
4. Weaponized Charm
5. Nuclear War
6. Synthetic Earthquakes
7. Poison Pill

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