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Premiere: Melly – Shrubbery

As exerted on his previous iterations for Where To Now? and Jheri Tracks, Melly‘s refined sonic chemistry has proven to be a fine melange of glossy digital era sleekness and intricate organic motifs in trompe l’oeil, which came out on the birth of a musical universe both deep and mellow; beaming and magnetic. After a successful detour under the moniker of DJ Après Ski over a year ago, the Dublin-based producer returns to Major Problems in his main guise with ‘The Beds‘ – a richly hued slice of soothing electronic hoodoo that’ll have you regaled from start to finish.

Our premiere, the bewitching opener ‘Shrubbery‘ is the ideal option if you need your sore senses appeased and are looking to take your mind for a wander into the dreamy wild. Melding a lavish array of chromatic synthlines, subtle percs and sun-streaked chimes sieved through an impeccably textured sound design, the track glides and wafts with the lightness of a heady aromatic perfume – penetrating as a childhood summer memory in the making. Enter this leafy, magic shrubbery and be ready to stay for a while – it’s all too welcoming to leave after just a listen. A thing of beauty.

The Beds is released via Major Problems on 6th August, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Shrubbery
A2. Health Is Wealth
B1. The Beds
B2. Mineral Water

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