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Premiere: Mind Against & Somne ‘Vertere (Tobias. Remix)’

Scheduled for release via Life and Death on June 29th, Mind Against & Somne‘s debut collaborative single Vertere – the ‘very nature of change itself‘ in Latin – unveils both a reflexive and expansive cut of electronic circuit superheat, equally turned inward as it keeps rolling forward.

Today we’re glad to bring you the exclusive premiere of Tobias‘s mind-boggling remix of the title track. In an unremitting overhaul, the stormy kicks and sharp-edged synth slivers of the original mix leave place to the darkling scales of the German producer’s fast-paced techno winder.

The Ostgut-Ton regular delivers a slapping cut of minimal absolutism that hurtles down like an angry lava curl. Supported by subtle acidic basslines and switch-hitting hats, the track unfurls its hypnotic motifs with an inch-perfect fidelity. Just let yourself go with the flow.


1. Vertere
2. Vertere (Tobias. Remix)


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