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Premiere: Miro-Benji & Stuster – Swancrash

Miro-Benjamin Lindström and Alexander Stuster are set to release their new project next month. The Helsinki-based production duo have collaborated together in the past through their band called Soft Assault Orchestra, but, in their own words, their music as Miro-Benji & Stuster is more catchy.

The somewhat longwinded ‘We Are Looking For Nothing Isn’t That Something?’ is the duo’s first attempt to create something dream-like with a good groove to it. There’s certainly a broad spectrum of styles covered on the release all of which are executed with finesse.

A chunky bassline provides ‘Swancrash’ with tonnes of driving momentum. Trance-like melodies creep in as the track progresses, lending the track an ethereal quality, suspending the listener between the physicality of the dancefloor and something perhaps less intangible.

‘We Are Looking For Nothing Isn’t That Something?’ is scheduled for release 10 June via Free Shelter. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Swancrash
2. Ote PNG:stä
3. 0 Hour Party People
4. Engel
5. Engel (Kasra V Remix)