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Premiere: ML – Sooner

Our love affair with Accidental Meetings deepens with another expansive cassette release, not unlike but uniquely different to their killer tape from Azu Tiwaline, this time from the Berlin-based producer ML — last seen on Kashual Plastik.

We really hope you’re familiar with the UK label by now, after an unbroken streak of essential dub-periphery music from the likes of Best Available Technology, WzrdryAV, Soreab and Abu Ama… The list is as long as their catalogue, and demonstrates a fine-tuned attention for the weirder sonics that rear up in dance formation before decaying into endless delay and reverb.

ML’s piece, ‘Life Always Breaks Your Heart‘ is split into two parts, ‘Sooner‘ and ‘Later‘, with each consisting of endless sound pieces that journey ever downwards into the sonic identity of the artist, spliced with touched vocal samples relaying stern topics and bizarre stories, momentary field recordings that linger at the edge of hearing, and sparse but decisive production.

We’re delighted to share the full acid trip of ‘Sooner‘ as a premiere ahead of the release. There are political leanings in as great a share as there are psychoactive meanderings into microcosms of sound and thought, holding their space for moments cut into fractional divisions of time. Half time-eroding mind trip, half beat tape, this is suitably uncategorisable for the next AM release, and a charged addition to their esteemed catalogue. Tune in and drop out, you know the score.

‘Life Always Breaks Your Heart’ is scheduled for release June 6 via Accidental Meetings. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Sooner
2. Later