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Premiere: wzrdryAV – Zooted Dimension

For their first full solo release, the Accidental Meetings collective from Brighton, UK, unveil ‘Midnight Visions‘, a dust-covered diamond of a release from mysterious Vancouver-based producer wzrdryAV.

wzrdryAV, despite releasing music for some time, has remained quite in the shadows relative to some fellow Vancouver-based acts that have emerged in the last few years. Unfazed, his music has been trickling out into the pool, slow and steady, with collaborative EPs alongside semi-mythic act SeekersInternational and a stellar album of smudged, hazey ambient music landing on Line Imprint out of LA in early December 2020.

Midnight Visions‘ is a remarkably concise document for those unaware of wzrdryAV up until now: with one half of the tape dedicated to short sequences of bubbly yet thoroughly submerged house (think Huerco S meets Khotin), and the flip given over to the deeply stoned strains of beat-shy music which graced his previous album (albeit unique refractions of the same original vision).

Zooted Dimension‘ simultaneously opens the release and summarises its mood: something like losing track of time gazing out over a flat, grey sea on a warm Sunday, with nothing else to do but roll up and phase out. The beat is as lackadaisical as can be, summoning just enough energy to keep wandering on above sweeps of white noise like lazy waves, almost stopping at moments, before stumbling on. Perfect for those empty days with nothing in the diary.

‘Midnight Visions’ is scheduled for release 5 March via Accidental Meetings. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Zooted Dimension
2. Tropical Meltdown
3. Channel Drop
4. Sundown
5. Posted Up
6. Making Movies
7. Knock Sequence
8. Amiga Lab
9. Forgot About Time
10. Inducing The Contrast
11. Chesterman Beach
12. Ballast Trap
13. Monday Haze
14. Southside Library
15. Storm Eluder
16. In The Woods Again
17. 1000 Watt Jungle (Bandcamp Bonus Track)
18. Break Zone (Bandcamp Bonus Track)