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Dugong up next on Pace Yourself with ‘Horizons Sauvages’

Following their striking debut EP from YS and exquisite ambient long-player from Dream_E, Pace Yourself continue their search for seminal wizardry with the announcement of their third release from Berlin-based producer Dugong.

Horizons Sauvages’ presents two luscious new age ambient tracks teaming with Spring time feels, thawing listeners from barren tundras to warmer climes. Originally written for the ‘Horizons Sauvages’ exhibition by painter Marie-Laurence de Chauvingy de Blot, Dungong’s accompanying composition is the reification of a shared love of nature – setting out to capture the essence of her painting in musical form.

Using natural sound pallets and layered loops, the complex bio-poetics of the ecosystem are explored in the fragility of their restless liminality. Environments in motion. Above all, the compositions are meditations on the importance of preservation.

Horizons Sauvages’ is scheduled for release 26 March via Pace Yourself. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Loire
B1. Thaw

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