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Premiere: Detente 2020 – Bucket Tube (ft. Afu Ra & Jakob Tengler)

Prague-based FM Label return to the world of releasing music after an incubation period for research and development, returning at last with an expansive release from mysterious producer Detente 2020 alongside Afu Ra.

FM Label do things a little differently from the rest. Marrying the Prague music scene’s bubbling hub of interconnectivity with innovative package design, the second instalment comes out of the blue with an eye-catching sleeve design (check the Bandcamp page for the imagery) that can be converted into a smart record stand with a convenient tape holder for the bonus tracks — check the track list for remixes from Oliver Torr, DJ Fettburger, and more. With the future editions expanding out into contemporary fashion, the signs are clear that, even before the music is addressed, FM label are running shop their own way.

Not much can be said about Detente 2020, the mysterious production force behind the release, but the connection made with Afu Ra is suitably out-there for the label’s approach. A member of the Gang Starr Foundation, Afu Ra was a hip-hop rapper of note in the 90’s before dropping off the map, only to emerge now, as fresh as ever, with lyricism on both ‘Enough‘, the lead single, and ‘Bucket Tube‘, our premiere.

Bucket Tube (ft. Afu Ra & Jakob Tengler Live Drums)’ has all the energy and drive needed to feel some hope about open-air events this summer — Afu’s undeniable presence behind the mic with Jakub Tengler’s live drum licks combine to create something alike to a collaboration between a legendary jazz hero and a notable electronic musician: lifting music for hands-in-the-air moments, off-kilter rhythms and pounding crescendos reminiscent of those awe-inspiring Japanese Taiko drums performances. A breath of fresh air, real dance music for your mind and your feet.

‘Enough’ EP is scheduled for release 8 March via FM Label. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Enough ft. Afu-Ra & Charlie One
2. Enough (Dub Storm Mix)
3. Bucket Tube ft. Afu_Ra & Jakub Tengler Live Drums
4. Enough (Olsvangèr remix)
5. Bucket Tube (DJ Fett Burger’s NYC Workout Mix)
6. Enough (Dj Schwa’s tripped out remix)
7. Enough (Oliver Torr remix)