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Premiere: Abu Ama – Kleopatra Arabxo

Brighton’s Accidental Meetings have just two formal and readily available releases under their belt, but are already racking up quite the reputation. After their first solo release from Vancouver’s wzrdryAV and a tape-only recording from Azu Tiwaline, the exciting young label now rope in another elusive yet firmly respected musician: Abu Ama.

Abu Ama’s first blips on the radar scanner came via an early Bokeh Versions release, with a subsequent pair of tapes on Seagrave cementing his earned respect. An unfamiliar fusing of dub, field recordings and Turkish folk melody and percussion, his music follows a formula, sourced from key ingredients, yet Ama’s creativity with his materials remains ever-surprising.

If the LP as a whole is a cast-iron example of his style, ‘Kleopatra Arabxo‘ might be the canonical piece: a long-form track built atop a procession of traditional reggae-dub alternating chords, hypnotic looping drums and stack-shaking bass, Abu weaves obscure sounds snatched from the air into the tapestry alongside repeating moments from folk music. It’s a heady mix that could come only from this musician, on a label that seems to building up a unique roster in its own inimitable style.

”AM002′ is scheduled for release 14 October via Accidental Meetings. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Ghostograph
2. Gods Will
3. Kleopatra Arabxo
4. Plastic Cobra
5. Peach Garden
6. Yogi Yard
7. Karochi
8. Red Rose
9. Nichtistwieesscheint