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Kritzkom: Void Minus Matter

Deftly maneuvering her way in and around tangled leftfield motifs and further well-beaconed techno grounds on her new album for Seagrave, Kritzkom weaves minimalistic scales of oddball machinic spurts and clinical-precise metronomic grooves within a widespread gamut of stark post-industrial synthscapes and other deep-and-steep subductive layers.

In Conversation with Jay Glass Dubs

We caught up with Athens based left-field dub producer Jay Glass Dubs shortly before his recent recent UK tour. The prolific Bokeh Versions/Seagrave/Tapeworm affiliated artist discusses the nature of dub music, his unique approach to composition, and life in the Greek capital.

Boliden: Surfaces

Chances are that the new album “Surfaces” by Barcelona based producer Boliden will be one of the most beautiful albums released this year. More importantly than that though, it is an album which gets deeper with each listen, placing it well outside any simple genre or vibe categorisation.

Premiere: Nebulo – Rules

Following on from the first episode of his ‘Safari Suites’ released last year via Parisian label Odd Frequencies, Nebulo steps up with the second volume of his heavy-battered jungle trek on the boundary-pushing Seagrave, bursting the frontiers between brain music and intuitive body language through eight cuts of dense, archaic techno outbursts.

Graham Dunning: Auxon

Auxon is the first recorded documentation of Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno set up. Part installation, part hardware rave system…layers of vinyls spinning on record player axles are used to bash contact mics or trigger drum machines and synths, which are mixed and manipulated live.