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Premiere: Norwell – Dextran

Over the past few years, Budapest-based producer Norwell has been dabbling in a vast array of genres – from spacious house to driving electro onto elegiac kosmische and ambient drifts, laying the foundations to a riveting, multi-hued body of work.

Just a few months distant from his latest long player, the excellent ‘Grasslands‘ – which you can stream in full via our channels, Balazs Semsei’s new full-length for Seagrave is an emotional journey across sorrow-stricken atmospherics and lavish synth-scapes, putting the emphasis on textural arrangements rather than forward-moving groove mechanisms.

Our pick, the most openly pulsating cut of the pack, ‘Dextran‘, sails off to far-flung spacey realms. Mixing a lush kosmische vibe with a profound progressive feel a la Fairmont (nothing surprising considering Semsei already contributed an EP to his label Beachcoma), it’s perhaps one of the finest examples of the Hungarian producer’s ability at tracing different dance continuums through deeply hypnotic fluxes. Just let yourself go with the flow.

Unsolved Dissonance is released via Seagrave on 18th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. TWB (Morning Edit)
2. Romantic Overtures
3. Brighter Days
4. Enter the Light
5. Dextran
6. Ancholia
7. Welling
8. Tunnel to Nowhere
9. Beautiful Jade
10. Fent/Lent

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